An international conference to mark the 30th anniversary of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme

Plenary Panel, Reimaging our Futures Together: Insights from Futures Literacy

As the challenges and uncertainties of our times continue to persist, the need for connecting knowledge to inclusive policy design and decision-making using research, evidence and innovation is more important than ever for social transformation. This panel seeks to reveal how Futures Literacy and Futures Studies can enable creative leadership, innovation, and address complexity through a capability-based approach to development. How can we use the inter-disciplinary nature of Futures Studies to address the emerging complexities of the climate crisis, increasing inequalities and the needs of our future generations? This expert discussion will uncover how UNESCO, in its role to promote the UN Common Agenda, and the UNESCO Chairs in Futures Literacy and Futures Studies can strengthen dialogue across the UN ecosystem and its Member States, with the objective of forging a stronger link between research and policy and to enhance capabilities to design forward

looking policies and programmes. Futures Literacy is part of UNESCO Social & Human Sciences Management of Social Transformations Programme.